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Playstation is a video game console that was invented in 1994 by the Sony company.

This PlayStation is one of the most famous and number one video games. Everyone uses this console, especially today’s generation has a big craze on it. But the PS4and PS5 is very costly and expensive gadget, not only in India but also all over the country, but it’s time to save your money because the Christmas sale is coming soon in the month of December, and Amazon offers you great discounts on PS4 and PS5.

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What is Playstation 4? In which year did they invent it? and how much discount does Amazon offer?

PS4 is a video game console and a version of PS. PS4 is one of the best versions of PS4 till now, PS4 also has two types like PS4 slim and PS4 pro. They both are good in use but little difference from each other only in features. Playstation4 was announced in 2013.

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Playstation 4 slim

PS4 slim was invented in 2016, September 7. It has a rounded body with a matte look finish on the top of the console rather than a two-tone finish look and this is 40% smaller in size than the other original model.

Playstation 4 pro

This version of Playstation4 Pro was announced on September 7, 2016. It is an upgraded version of PS4 with improved hardware, it includes 1GB DDR3 memory that is used to swap out non-gaming applications.

PS4 is on-demand, and as we all know that everything on demand has very expensive and not easily available but PS4 is only available on amazon only, the cost of PS4 is $349, but u don;t have to worry about it because you get up to 78% off according to last year you got 8% extra off.

Benefits of PS4

  • Import custom wallpapers via USB

  • PS Plus tab

  • Playtime management

  • You create a device link with your TV

  • External hard drive support

  • Playstation app on mobile

  • Controller headphone jack

  • Share play

What is Playstation 5? How much discount is Amazon offered?

The Playstation 5 was invented by sony. This is the new version of the PS. This game is announced in the year 2019 .as we all know the previous version of PS4 is superb and everyone supports this and gives great ranking but this is the successor to the playstation4 with their best services and features on it.

The special thing about it is that genuine leap forward for console gaming. All PS5 systems come with one free game pre-loaded:” Castro's playroom”. This PlayStation is the most powerful Sony ever made.

The PS5 is very expensive as compared to the PS4, $455.99, but as you know you have a great golden opportunity because you get up to 75% off.

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How many features are included in PS5

There are many features in PS5, but here we mention some most important and main features, which are given below:

  • Graphic processing power

  • More games

  • Processing power

  • Hard drive space

  • Fast speed

  • Console designs

But the most important and best main feature of the PS5 is ‘“ Manage storage space”.


The main point is that Playstation is a crazy thing in today’s generation especially, but as we all know that this worldwide game is very expensive not only in India or the US all over the world, it’s in high demand. So now, take away your worry because a big Christmas sale is upcoming and just like the last few years, Christmas sales come with bumper discounts on expensive things like- Playstation. So if you want to buy this then it’s the right time for you.

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Q1. In which year was the first Playstation invented?

-The first Playstation was invented in 1994, 3 December

Q2.who created this Playstation?

-This PlayStation was invented by “Sony computer entertainment”, in 1994

Q3. Which PlayStation has the most games?

-Playstation2 is the only one PS that has 4489 games

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