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The website is a world wide web page. It usually contains hyperlinks to each other and shows online available to you, it is created & maintained by only individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations. Each web page of a given website provides explicit links-most of the time in the form of a clickable portion of text- that allows users to move from one web page to another. In this article, we have provided all difference between website title and web page title.

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A website title or title tag is an element of HTML that specifies the content of the webpage. A website title is useful for both users and search engines website titles help to know about the content. A website is multiple web pages in which information on a related topic or other subjects is linked together.


.On the other way, we called web pages to the title tag. The web page is a little different from the website title. Because it presents a short description of your web page and it appears at the top of the window of the browser It is an important element that optimized SEO pages. It is content displayed. A website is a single document on the internet under a unique URL.

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Website title examples

  • 1.10 Best Nike Sneakers in 2019 [Buying Guide]

  • 2. Top 15 Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century - Advertising Age

  • 3..34 Essential Things to Know Before You Visit China - Y Travel Blog

  • 5 SEO Is Back. Thank God. - New York Magazine

Web Page title example

  1. you can start your title by using the classic ways like HOW-TO

  2. “IDENTIFY AND SOLVE A PROBLEM”- is one of the best ways to get new readers to identify and solve problems with trigger words.

  3. “SHORTER TITES ARE GREAT”- concentrate on keeping your webpage headline to the point.

  4. Try to write your title in a “ QUESTIONS “ form is an excellent opportunity to get people to click through to your post.

  5. “MENTION YOUR BRAND NAME “ in the web page title to highlight your brand


There are some tips for catchy titles:

  • Keep title in short

  • Under 55 characters

  • Don’t overdo keywords in the title

  • Make it relevant to the page itself

  • Make your H2 different from the main title

  • Include your brand name in the title


The best title tags are:

  • Keep it under 66 character

  • Make sure your title tag accurately describes your title tag

  • Put the keyword first

  • Don’t forget to mention your brand name

  • Separate your brand name from the page title

  • Write attractive title tag

  • Unique for every page


Website title creation can feel like art, but by following the below steps

  • Prevent title truncation

  • Avoid using all caps

  • Don’t keyword stuff

  • Give every page a unique title

  • Don’t duplicate the title


There are five types to create the page title:

  • Unique title for every page

  • Pay attention to the length

  • Use your target keywords

  • Be descriptive of what’s on the page

  • Use caps only in the main heading


  • Not having a title

  • Too short or too long page title

  • Keyword cannibalization

  • Using the company/site name in all of your web pages

  • Duplicate web page title


Be specific (difference between website title and web page title)

Make sure every page on site should have a specific purpose. Write the content on the page of your website according to your title and highlight your keyword at least 5 times.

Explain why this page unique

Just like every page title is unique to each other, you should have to focus and make sure that each page has a unique title across your entire site. And don’t forget that your main title looks unique from other subtitles.

Be compelling

There are only three things that appear for the visitors when you are looking for a search engine result page- 1. The page title, 2. The page description, 3. your page URL. treat your page title as the blog post, and make them compelling

Don’t be repetitive keyword

Make sure before writing a second keyword that the keywords are not repeated, you can use the main word but don’t repeat it. In simple terms, we call it that we don't use multiple variations of a similar doesn’t help users understand what is on the page.

Pay attention to the length

Google does not allow the title which is out of 70 characters. Remember that title is always in a limited word otherwise google will cut your title.

What is the (SEO) purpose of the page title?

The main purpose of your page title according to SEO is to make your title unique and meaningful and make people excited to click on it and visit your website to collect information about the topic/title.and read your post, buy your products and rank your website. It only happens when your title is good enough. (difference between website title and web page title)

Keep your title under limitation, around 55 to 60 characters.use target keywords in titles also and describe the title systematically, you can also use examples in the content of a title to understand it. If you work for the client while VPN then you can check VPN is not hiding my location, so you can work safely.

What is a title tag?

as we know, the title tag is a code of HTML and this code allows you to give a title to the web page. you can find this title in the browser title bar and as well as the results page on the search engine (SERP). This tag help in used to describe the text that lies on top of the web browser.

What is the role of the title tag?

The role of title is, that your title tag or meta tag serves as a headline to summarize the content of your page. It helps users to find your keyword easily and what the content of the web page is about.

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Are the title tag and H1 is same?

In HTML title tag is represented as a “title” and The H1 is expressed as an” h1 “ .both serves are titles that describe what is your web page about. Both the title tag or H1 tag share the same thing with the same purpose. And it makes it easy for people to understand what is a web page about on. (difference between website title and web page title)

H1 tag is an HTML that’s most commonly used to mark up a webpage title. After H1 there are the least headings also shown on HTML in the form of H2, H3, H4, H5, and, H6.

H1 showed “the most important heading “ and H6 showed the least important heading.

4steps to creating an SEO-friendly title tag

  • Create an original title

  • Insert the central keywords

  • Add a hook

  • Appropriately promote your brand

Why is google rewriting your title?

The reasons why google rewrite your title is:

  • You don’t describe your page content

  • May be Isn’t unique

  • Keywords and the stuff you write in content is not useful for users

  • When the keyword is out of the limit in characters

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